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High-Risk Merchant Account to enhance your profit margins and successfully flourish your high-risk business

Today’s online customers are intelligent and aware, and it is no longer easy to gain their trust. The availability of online credit card processing services is one of the first indicators of an online business’s effectiveness. 

Obtaining a dependable merchant account for most online businesses, particularly high-risk ones, can be a difficult task. This is where an experienced merchant account provider with affordable, dependable merchant account solutions can help!

Choose the best high-risk merchant account providers in the USA for your company

Customer Reviews —

Most reviews and testimonials are written to sell or market the company’s owners. Call a customer of theirs who owns a company in your industry, especially if you’re a high-risk merchant in need of a high-risk merchant account. This way, you can obtain trustworthy and valuable information about the payment processing company.

Visa and MasterCard Enrollment —

Have your merchant account provider registered with Visa and MasterCard? Work with a reputable partner to ensure you’re protected from fraud. With a registered financial commitment during the listing, process enrolled companies will most likely take better care of you and your business needs in order for them to stay in business.

Recommendations —

Do not ask a lender representative which payment processing company is the best. A reputable merchant account payment processing provider will represent numerous banks and payment processing options, and as a result, they will most likely recommend the best possible solutions for your business’s payment processing needs.

Inquire about their customer services and partnership opportunities-

Inquire whether the company will assign a specific Account Manager to monitor your high-risk merchant account and track its monthly progress. Determine whether they offer a variety of payment processing options and whether they build long-term business relationships with their clients.

Confirm the Rates —

While you may be looking for the lowest fees, keep in mind that prices that seem too good to be true usually are. Verify your account on Visa and MasterCard to determine the exact amount mentioned. Then, ensure that your payment processing provider is less expensive in comparison.

How do we find the best high-risk merchant account solution?

We work with an extensive network of acquiring banks, each offering the best merchant account solutions for your specific credit card processing needs.

Before proceeding with the process, our expert merchant account managers will speak with you and ensure that you receive a merchant account with amazing features such as:

  • A payment gateway that is PCI-compliant
  • Processing in multiple currencies
  • There are no volume controls.
  • Customer service that is both live and personal

Applying for high-risk merchant account instant approval with EmerchantPro

Applying for and being approved for a merchant account with EmerchantPro is now easier than ever. Once you contact us, three simple steps will lead you to a dependable merchant account and efficient credit card processing services:

Step 1: Contact EmerchantPro and speak with one of our knowledgeable and personable merchant account managers. You can always expect the best advice from our experts because they all have in-depth knowledge of merchant accounts and online credit card processing.

Step 2: From our vast and trusted network of acquiring banks, we match you with one of our banking partners. Having multiple options on that front allows us to find you the best solution for your e-commerce business.

Step 3: Once you’ve been approved for a merchant account by an acquiring bank, you can begin processing within 2 to 3 business days and receive either a daily or weekly payment schedule.

If you have any problems applying online or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should you choose High-Risk Merchant Account for small businesses from EmerchantPro?

Before selecting a payment platform for your business, make sure it supports alternative payment methods to help your company grow. Furthermore, alternative payment methods make it easier for customers.

If merchants do not provide convenient alternatives to their customers, they will likely lose the influx of buyers to their e-stores.

EmerchantPro is one such eCommerce payment processing platform that streamlines payment processing and provides different payment options.

EmerchantPro also supports other user interfaces, allowing customers to pay through any available channel. As a result, it is a comprehensive payment solution for all large and small-scale businesses interested in accepting e-payments.


High-Risk Payment Gateway with low processing cost and high volume transactions

A High-Risk Payment Gateway is a web-based application that allows merchants to accept payments through their website. It securely transmits transaction data from a variety of payment methods to your merchant account. Ecommerce merchants can use a payment gateway to accept credit card payments, and debit card payments.

Your online payment gateway has features that help you navigate past and pending purchases in addition to accepting payments.

Many businesses are unaware that they are high-risk merchants until something goes wrong. As a result, their payment processing account is frozen due to a lack of funds.

Worse, the chargebacks begin to accumulate, and the account is terminated. The merchant is then left wondering how to get out of a high-risk processing situation that they did not anticipate.

Choosing the Best Payment Gateway for High-Risk Business

A number of factors influence which payment gateway is best for you. One of them is your level of risk. Many payment gateway providers will not allow you to sign up if you run a high-risk business, such as an online Adult-themed website.

Alternatively, they may quickly approve usage before terminating your account. If you need a high-risk payment gateway, EmerchantPro is the place to go. We have fewer regulations and can help you set up your gateway and merchant account.

High-Risk Payment Processing at a Low Cost

If pricing is your primary source of frustration, you should consider negotiating lower fees. Many merchants are unaware that gateway fees can be changed.

If your monthly sales volume exceeds $50,000, you have the opportunity to drastically reduce your payment processing costs. Make sure to discuss the opportunity to save money with your gateway provider.

Which Payment Gateway for high-risk businesses should you use?

The best payment gateway to use is one that meets the company’s requirements. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a payment gateway service.

Accepts a Variety of Payment Methods –

From credit cards to cryptocurrency, the best payment gateways accept a variety of payment methods. Allow your customers to complete a purchase using their preferred payment method.

Has 3D Secure Technology –

Similar to payment processing double-factor authentication. To provide the highest level of security in online transactions, 3D Secure adds an extra step at checkout.

Low Rates and Fees –

Gateway fees are common for all providers, so shop around for the lowest ones you can find. The majority of fees are assessed per transaction and as a percentage of each purchase. You can cut fees by determining which of those two costs will cost you more and negotiating them separately.

Simple Integrations –

On the technical side, you’ll want clean code and quick uptime. Easy integration is critical for getting your payment technology up and running quickly while saving money on hiring developers to install it.

User-Friendly Interface –

Payment gateways allow you to interact with payments and track each purchase made on your site. For managing your transaction history, a streamlined view and a well-designed interface are essential.

Why you should choose EmerchantPro as your High-Risk Payment Service Provider?

Our payment gateway represents a shift in the payments technology landscape. We’ve included all of the most important features in an intuitive and responsive interface with a brand new redesign. While maintaining a wide range of payment features, EmerchantPro accepts multi-currency payments such as cryptocurrency.

Recurring Billing – Charge payments that occur at regular intervals and increase steadily over time.

Chargeback Prevention – Detect malicious activity and learn how to identify chargeback fraud.

Reporting – Review past and pending charges or forecast future sales by pulling payment information.

Overall, it’s worth reconsidering if you’re using EmerchantPro – a modern payment gateway as your payment technology. Call us today to learn how to easily integrate one of the industry’s leading payment gateways.


There are numerous payment gateway providers to choose from, each with unique benefits for different types of merchants. The best one is that which suits your industry, location, and the types of transactions you conduct in your business. Some payment gateway providers work with virtual terminals, while others focus on physical stores.

To find the best online store gateway, compare the options available to eCommerce businesses. If you have a physical store, you might want an interactive gateway that you can use with a credit card reader like us.

High-Risk Merchant Account for the providing confidentiality to your business payment transactions

After selecting the Best High-Risk Merchant Account, the payment success rate has become a key indicator of business growth for many global trade merchants. Because the payment success rate is directly proportional to the order’s conversion rate.

 The higher the success rate, the better the user experience, and the higher the actual conversion rate. It means that merchants will earn more money for the same cost. As a result, using reputable merchant service providers to improve payment success rates can increase sales without increasing investment.

What exactly is High-Risk Merchant Account for small businesses?

A high-Risk Merchant Account is a set of payment execution and processing services. It includes the use of payment cards as part of the service provided to a merchant. Simply put, it is a service that allows merchants to accept credit card or debit card payments.

Because there are multiple steps in the payment process, it is common for one company to handle the entire process. Including acquiring, providing a payment gateway, processing, and so on.

If the merchant monitors user behavior on the payment page, it can determine where the payment failure occurred. Hence increasing payment success rates.

Consumers stay on the payment page for a long time after entering it. Consider whether to pay directly, and finally cancel the payment halfway through. Such customers are wary and may investigate the website or contact online customer service before making a payment.

 To address these types of customer concerns, it is necessary to improve the website’s quality, such as sophisticated page vision and timely customer service response. On the other hand, the merchant service provider should enhance the website’s security and credibility by displaying various safety certifications, promises, and shopping terms.

High-Risk Credit card processing issues

There are credit card issues. The following are the most common reasons why card issuers and credit card companies refuse to charge:

  • Customers enter incorrect or incomplete credit card information. For example, if the credit card number, expiration date, password, billing address, or other information is incorrect, the bank cannot or will not charge.
  • The consumer’s payment card is a 3D credit card, and if the 3D verification code is not entered or the verification fails during the payment process, the system will flag the transaction as unauthorized and refuse to deduct the payment.
  • The system detects black cards, stolen cards, duplicate cards, and other illegal cards used by consumers for payment. And if there are bad transaction records, such as refusal to pay, the system refuses to deduct the money.
  • The credit card’s credit limit is insufficient to complete the transaction, the expiration date is incorrectly entered, or the credit card period has expired.
  • When customers pay for the same IP address multiple times in a short period of time and are suspected of other illegal activities such as cash out, money laundering, and fraud, the system refuses to deduct money.

High-risk merchant account instant approval– A critical component of e-commerce growth

According to online data, 64 percent of consumers will no longer visit a website with a bad payment link. And 28 percent will leave a negative impression of the merchant because of a bad payment experience.

Furthermore, different countries’ cultures, languages, and security requirements are involved in the global payment process. Any error in any link will result in a negative consumer experience, which will directly lead to lost sales and brand damage.

As a result, without a good independent payment channel, entrepreneurship and global e-commerce development will face challenges from overseas acquisitions.

How EmerchantPro can help you get high-risk processing solutions?   

EmerchantPro as a global high-risk merchant account provider in the USA can effectively assist users in resolving the aforementioned issues. EmerchantPro highly stable payment system can reduce the loss of online orders. In terms of payment fraud, it balances payment security and order conversion while employing humane problem-solving methods.

EmerchantPro has a comprehensive and intelligent risk control management system. Every transaction that passes through our risk control system can be subjected to real-time risk judgments by our intelligent real-time risk control system. 

The risk control system guides the current trend of the transaction based on the final risk score: risk control passed, risk control blocked, 3D transaction entered, or manual intervention risk assessment.

High-Risk Payment Gateway to provide a consistent flow of outgrowing payment transactions for your high-risk business

The development of modern commercial transaction services has increased transaction volume while making the business more complex and diverse. When you have the right partner, setting up a payment gateway can be much easier than you think. 

Payment channels are the most fundamental support for a business, and rapid and healthy growth necessitates the support of comprehensive payment channels. The payment gateway system can enhance funds transfer channels, provide more complex loan deduction services, and improve loan deduction timeliness and success rate.

When electronic payments are not yet widely accepted, merchants complete the payment process by connecting to a bank-provided system interface. With the payment industry’s ongoing development, merchants are no longer satisfied with only supporting one or two banks in the payment link.

 At this time, the merchants’ payment system must support multiple banks at the same time, as well as deal with the many ramifications of this, such as reconciliation, clearing, and so on.

Third-party payment gateway institutions arose as a result. They came to develop and operate a system to realize the function of simultaneously connecting multiple banking systems and then providing payment gateway systems to merchants via a unified interface. At this point, the High-Risk Payment Gateway is the system of the third-party payment institution.

As a payment gateway and to ensure the security of merchants’ fund transactions, EmerchantPro has been providing products and operational support services to merchants both at home and abroad.

What is a payment gateway service?

The payment gateway is a set of servers connecting together with the bank’s private network and the internet. It is the interface that binds the financial private network and public network. It also acts as a security barrier for your financial network. A gateway is an essential tool for accepting electronic payments.

A payment gateway service is an online payments service that when integrated with the e-commerce platform becomes the channel to accept and receive payments.

A gateway is also responsible for authorizing the payments and making sure that the data entered is sufficient enough to complete the payment. It protects the sensitive information provided by the online customer by encrypting it. This process ensures the customer’s personal privacy details and is safely carried between the merchant and the customer.

These services happen in the background when the transactions are made on the real-time network. By providing the information between the website and payment processor, and sending the transaction details back to the website, the payment processor does its most essential job here and allows the e-commerce store to function properly.

If you are having a website and you are interested in accepting credit card payments online, then you require a payment gateway. It works actually as a bridge between your product sales and the customers.

How does the high-risk payment processing function?

Consumers all over the world are increasingly shopping and paying online through e-commerce channels. However, most people’s attention is drawn to the display screen. And the “behind-the-scenes” operation is rarely studied, so little is known about the online payment process.

 However, merchants must be aware of this “ecosystem” in order to avoid being perplexed when selecting payment gateways and other payment solution providers. A typical transaction in a market or e-commerce store looks like this:

1) Customers purchase goods in your store using debit/credit cards or fintech.

2) Payment information obtained via a payment gateway;

3) Before sending the payment information to the payment processor, the payment gateway encrypts it.

4) The payment processor forwards the request to the customer’s bank.

5) The transaction is confirmed or rejected by the issuing bank.

6) The payment processor will notify you whether the transaction was approved or rejected.

7) The funds will be transferred to your merchant bank by the issuing bank.

8) The payment processor instructs the bank of your merchant to deposit funds into your account.

High-Risk Payment Solutions with EmerchantPro  

EmerchantPro has always maintained product advantages and industry leadership by continuously developing its localized operation and technical support capabilities under global payment products:

• Worldwide support for global payment products, including credit cards and local payment products. The payment success rate can reach up to 95%.

• Assist domestic and foreign funds. We offer a multi-currency settlement that is both efficient and quick.

• Professional risk management, artificial intelligence, and big data to ensure data security and resist 99 percent of transaction risks.

• We provide customized full-scenario payment technology solutions for both online and offline physical stores.

Get a cost-effective and transparent pricing structure with Credit Card Processing solutions for your business

It is critical for businesses to manage their cash flows and reduce the percentage of revenues spent on creditcard processing to reduce the risk of failure. 

By 2024, the credit card payment sector is predicted to rise at staggering rates, with a 33 percent growth expected. Cash payments, on the other hand, are predicted to decline dramatically, reaching less than 27% of total transactions. 

This development means that accepting credit card payment processing through a reliable payment gateway may be critical to your company’s existence.

How to obtain the cheapest credit card processing for your company?

There are several approaches you may take to achieve inexpensive credit card processing for your company. The most important step in the process is to look above the standard methods and investigate payment providers and payment gateways that are tailored to your unique requirements.

The finest strategies to find the ideal answer for your needs are listed below.


Take the help of an online credit card processing provider

Looking outside of the traditional banking system and investigating merchant service providers can be a wonderful idea. These businesses offer merchant accounts to meet your business needs and assist you in safely managing credit card processing.

Conventional banks typically hire third-party providers to handle their clients’ needs rather than managing payments themselves. Since the bank adds its handling commission to the overall amount, your company will frequently be charged additional fees as a result.

 By streamlining payment processing without diverting you to external websites, merchant service providers streamline your procedure. To ensure safe transaction management, you also get to benefit from integrated fraud monitoring tools.

Merchant services also assist firms in managing their cash flow. Automated invoice and account management is a benefit of effective merchant services for your company. 

Furthermore, merchant payment providers can assist you in obtaining the lowest credit card processing fees because of their iterative business models.

The credit card acceptance procedure must be divided into three main categories in order to have the greatest impact.

Online Credit card processing for small businesses-

Due to the intricacy of the acceptance procedure, online credit card processing frequently carries higher fees. If you want to start accepting online card payments, you must work with a payment gateway to accept payments on your website and company applications.

Payments made in person —

A popular method for businesses to accept payments is in person. This technique of accepting payments is easy because payments are streamlined, and it gives small businesses another way to manage payments. However, you will need a built-in POS system and card reader to manage in-person payments properly.


Wallet Payments-

Payments made with a wallet application on a smartphone are similar to online payments in that the user must authorize the transaction. Companies that incorporate cutting-edge financial technologies into their operations frequently use these payment acceptance techniques.

Embed a compliant payment gateway

Businesses can accept credit card payments online through a payment gateway, which is a piece of credit card processing software. In order to authenticate the payment, payment gateways link payments between the credit card network and the issuing authority. These gateways make it easier to move money from a customer’s card to the balance in your merchant account.

It is crucial to treat the data in accordance with the legal requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry because of the sensitive nature of the information acquired (PCI). Tokenization and cutting-edge encryption technologies are used in these regulations to safeguard client credit card information during the payment process.

Data breaches and hacking efforts might cause significant losses if the gateways are not PCI compliant. Due to credit card fraud, these attempts could cost organizations a lot of money and damage their brand. PCI compliance guards against security concerns and shields your company’s infrastructure from any penalties.

Choose EmerchantPro for its transparent pricing strategy

It’s critical to understand the pricing plan of your preferred payment provider before making a decision. Having clarity on your operational priorities will help you avoid excessive expenses. 

And implement the most streamlined procedure fit for your organization, whether you’re searching for flat-rate pricing or tiered pricing. EmerchantPro provides the best pricing structure for your business.

Our flat-rate pricing ensures that your business receives the same monthly fees. Regardless of the type of credit card used or the place where it is used. This price structure also assists you in gaining a clear understanding of financial projections. 

By allowing you to calculate how much you may expect to pay in fees. The fee is a fixed proportion of the transaction volume, which varies according to the company you work with.

Another strategy to reduce credit card payment processing costs is to use the interchange-plus pricing option, which adds greater transparency to the process. 

To provide you with a transparent pricing strategy, our pricing model breaks down payments into a breakdown of interchange and markup prices. Get your credit card processing started today with EmerchantPro.

All the Things you Should Know about Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Several businesses were running over the internet and resulting in higher sales. Does that it became possible by credit card processing? Yes! Generating revenue with credit card payments acceptance is potential, so you must be one of them. Right? Or you wanted to start one.

Credit card payments help in faster check-out. Also, it can help in engaging several new consumers to your site. To get the best overlook, let’s read the topic out loud!

Steps of credit card processing

  • The customer enters the details on the payment page of the website.
  • When consumers pay offline, they use several means of payment. For ex- magnetic stripe cards, EMV chips, contactless cards, and digital wallets.
  • But, if we talk about online serving, the means changes to card-not-present modes via payment gateway. As an example, you can say debit or credit card payments.
  • The processor introduces secure credit card processing options when purchasing via smart devices.
  • Data get sent to the payment processor responsible for communicating with the issuing bank via various card networks.
  • There can be the possibility of approval or rejection at 50/50%.
  • After passing the test for actual payments via telling the requested details like – card validity, enough funds, and more, it proceeds.
  • Then the request granted alert is sent back to the processor. After that to the terminal.
  • Approved transactions wait for the settlement the weekend or settlement period.
  • Customer’s banks get charged for the transaction, and the amount gets transferred to your merchant account.

How to know that your credit card processors are suitable for you?

Many parties are involved in the process, so you cannot do this work solo easily. This process involves technology, payment networks, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions.

In simple words, these parties are responsible for accomplishing the credit card processing. When searching for credit card processors and partner acquirers, please look into these things. If you can get these four things done for you, you might get quality services.

  • Fasten your transaction rates
  • Merchant support
  • Rates by fair means
  • Customer assistance

Fasten your Transaction Rates

Payment should be fast enough to satisfy consumers’ interests. No one wants to be struggled by waiting for the payment to be complete. In terms of decency, a processor must do that faster. A payment processor should be able to transact large volume payments faster and securely.

Merely some processors are competent to pass this test. And it’s because they can transact online card payments in just a blink of an eye or maybe within seconds. But, not more than that.  

Life is about how things change faster. But, a few seconds can make it to ensure the safety of consumers from online frauds. What most gives faith to the consumer when they enter a website to buy something? That is the security trust, as they give the full details of their cards on your website to make it simple to shop anytime. So, it would help if you got this thing done before you get into the contract.

Merchant Support

System errors are one of the worst things a consumer and merchants couldn’t deal with quickly. Any error in the payment processing system can downgrade the standards memory of your business in your consumers’ minds.  

After that, consumers can look down on the company’s incompetence. And that is completely something that an honest businessman should let happens.  

Even if the system errors are not that rare, these events are meant to happen sometimes. When you’re sure about the partnership with the Processors, you must ask about the processing history. Also, ask about the things they did to reduce such incidents. A competent payment processor is well enough to handle all these things quickly. Also, they got the support of redundant servers to pull up the merchants out of these events.

Rates be fair means.

Offering a price for a specific thing should be clear and straightforward. Determination of rates and fees is based on many factors, for example – the company’s interchange category.

The risk factors attracting to your business can affect the interchange pricing. Every payment processor introduces its pricing for the matter. But the cost of interchange is set by card brands, which are applicable for everyone.s

Card brands; determine the rates structure by the qualification as small tickets/convenient buy with ease. Businesses such as IPTV, cinemas, online booking can enjoy such facilities. That’s possible if they get on an interchange level that charges high-volume transactions.

When it comes to money, transparency is the most needful thing to earn trust. If you go to any credit card processor, make sure to ask for clear statements for any fees they may charge for every transaction you do.

Customer Assistance

To maintain the relationship between you and your consumer, you can maintain and troubleshoot. By maintaining complex systems, you’ll be able to grow more when you enter a broader battleground.

When it’s about millions of people’s money globally, you need a compatible partner to support you via everything. During an emergency, your partner should be by your side when you need them the most.

You don’t need to mention time or hours, and you should get help when you encounter a critical moment. Busy is the word everyone carries with them. But you must not take money as a joke. You need 24/7 support available to carry out most of it.

Low sales need expert support to generate revenue for your business. So clear your doubts with your payment processing partner. And make sure that they can provide you with the level of services you expect.

Competent payment processors make sure that everything goes on the right track. They maintain transaction records well, and resolve the issues.

eMerchantPro | Credit Card Processing

During critical hours of your business, with payment-related issues, you can come to eMerchantPro. For robust solutions and better support, you can rely on us. From a long time serving these high-risk industries, we became most competent.

And we can handle any situation that can be harsh on your daily payment processing tasks. Be sure to visit us and get your solutions now!

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account? And how can you get it?

Did your business get labeled as high-risk by your payment processors? Don’t worry! A high-risk merchant account is here for you! Paying higher processing fees is the ability of a high-risk merchant account just to compensate for the risk factors involved. If you go through this blog, it will tell you how come your business is high-risk and how to pull it out of those issues.

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Getting chargeback, many frauds, and a higher volume of refunds makes you one of the high-risk merchants. Most of the time, it could be the reason, just because you’re a newcomer who hasn’t been in the market before and never processed any payments.

Sometimes in which industry you’re working is considered as high-risk. And online frauds can be the reason too. High-risk merchant account is capable of working in this industry too.

Can you control higher transaction issues?

Several companies in the market accept credit card payments as payments for the products consumer wants. Processing fees differentiate from company to company and products to industries. So, you can assume that the processing fees which are charged upon merchants in low-risk businesses can be high in high-risk businesses.

Although even low-risk merchants pay chargeback too, it’s slightly a little bit higher than the low-risk businesses. As a high-risk merchant, many times, the payment processor holds a certain amount from your income. Just in case those transactions get suspicious for fraudulent payments. So, there are many restrictions, and you need to overcome them.

High-risk businesses also generate higher revenue and turnover than any low-risk business. Bigger the risk, the bigger the profits. Just because of these situations, merchants get into trouble and don’t even get help from local banks, which hinders their growth.

Transaction volume is off-limits.

Although not every business gets transactions in a large volume, for some, that’s just the daily outrun. And these can be one of the reasons for calling someone’s business high-risk. Monthly turnover, which crosses $20,000 and every other transaction hitting $500, can be part of these listings.

·  Offshore payments

It’s not that any business can’t accept offshore payments. But offshore payments attract too much risk. Selling into countries under the label of high-risk can cause online frauds, which is obvious to us, you or anyone globally.

·  Startup!

Take it simple! Not everyone is running an online business, so there can be chances that you can run into someone who can’t show their track records. And as a fresher, getting such services from local banks isn’t easy, and not completely impossible.

·  Industry

Records not mentioning any crime, bad history, or involvement in any filthy work can’t save you from the suspicion. You can still get the label of a high-risk merchant as the industry you’re dealing in is one of them.

High-volume transactions, a large number of the chargeback, and reputation risks will provide you with the tag. Ex- running an adult toys business, and one of your consumer’s kids opened up the site and unknowingly made the payment.

They’ll still get back at you and claim a chargeback for the reason that the payment wasn’t made by the real cardholder. How would you feel?

Businesses come under the category of high-risk

Not every single business is considered high-risk. But before the time you put your money in and run the process, you should check whether you’re one of them or not. There are some business sectors listed. If they belong to yours, then congrats, you’ve won it!

  • Forex trading
  • Nicotine business
  • Tours, and travels, online booking
  • Electronic items and flagships.
  • Online casinos and gambling platforms
  • Dating pro apps and matchmaking sites
  • Escort services, with adult entertainment
  • eCommerce websites
  • Multi-national companies.
  • e-Cigarettes, vapes, and Cannibal products
  • Subscription and ACH services based businesses
  • Fin-tech
  • Online gaming websites (paid)

High-Risk Merchant Account

Low-risk companies are judged according to some factors. And these factors are:-

  • Transaction volume lower than the volume of $20000/monthly.
  • The normal transact limit should be under $500
  • Not intervening in any high-risk labeled country.
  • Single transaction mode.
  • The chargeback percentage should be low or lower than 0, and the monthly returns should be low too.

Development of business can change your tag along with the expansion and growth of your business. A sudden growth in the business can change the area of your business, and this can make a change into your tag of low-risks.

Shifting the industry into a completely different from your previous one in such a short time can also make you a high–risk businessman. In both conditions, the favor from the payment processors will reduce. And the chances of getting the termination from the contract can arrive. At that moment, other than finding a new partner would be the one and final option for you.

How to apply for a high-risk merchant account and get faster approval?

Business and tax files will explain your business thoroughly, so they’re mandatory. After that, processed application, PSP will decide whether to treat as one of the low-risk merchants or put you on the list of high-risk. Gradually they’ll make a plan for you.

List of things needed for these services

  • Copy of business license
  • Certified if incumbency
  • KYC and KBC
  • Address proof of the merchant and utility bill
  • Previous three months processing history

Businesses run in different sectors need an expert to handle their outcomes at payment processing. So, you need to find a reputable and relatable PSP for your business. Here, we want to introduce you to one of the leading brands for providing merchant services.

eMerchantPro serves everyone!

From low-high-risk businesses, everyone came to eMerchantPro for merchant solutions. And as our nature, we provided them with the best ever services they could get. Getting a high-risk merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway in fine rates can change their businesses.

And we’re glad to become the reason for their trust. To get this high-risk merchant account, follow us through the email, and get your expert solutions, now!