All the Things you Should Know about Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Several businesses were running over the internet and resulting in higher sales. Does that it became possible by credit card processing? Yes! Generating revenue with credit card payments acceptance is potential, so you must be one of them. Right? Or you wanted to start one.

Credit card payments help in faster check-out. Also, it can help in engaging several new consumers to your site. To get the best overlook, let’s read the topic out loud!

Steps of credit card processing

  • The customer enters the details on the payment page of the website.
  • When consumers pay offline, they use several means of payment. For ex- magnetic stripe cards, EMV chips, contactless cards, and digital wallets.
  • But, if we talk about online serving, the means changes to card-not-present modes via payment gateway. As an example, you can say debit or credit card payments.
  • The processor introduces secure credit card processing options when purchasing via smart devices.
  • Data get sent to the payment processor responsible for communicating with the issuing bank via various card networks.
  • There can be the possibility of approval or rejection at 50/50%.
  • After passing the test for actual payments via telling the requested details like – card validity, enough funds, and more, it proceeds.
  • Then the request granted alert is sent back to the processor. After that to the terminal.
  • Approved transactions wait for the settlement the weekend or settlement period.
  • Customer’s banks get charged for the transaction, and the amount gets transferred to your merchant account.

How to know that your credit card processors are suitable for you?

Many parties are involved in the process, so you cannot do this work solo easily. This process involves technology, payment networks, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions.

In simple words, these parties are responsible for accomplishing the credit card processing. When searching for credit card processors and partner acquirers, please look into these things. If you can get these four things done for you, you might get quality services.

  • Fasten your transaction rates
  • Merchant support
  • Rates by fair means
  • Customer assistance

Fasten your Transaction Rates

Payment should be fast enough to satisfy consumers’ interests. No one wants to be struggled by waiting for the payment to be complete. In terms of decency, a processor must do that faster. A payment processor should be able to transact large volume payments faster and securely.

Merely some processors are competent to pass this test. And it’s because they can transact online card payments in just a blink of an eye or maybe within seconds. But, not more than that.  

Life is about how things change faster. But, a few seconds can make it to ensure the safety of consumers from online frauds. What most gives faith to the consumer when they enter a website to buy something? That is the security trust, as they give the full details of their cards on your website to make it simple to shop anytime. So, it would help if you got this thing done before you get into the contract.

Merchant Support

System errors are one of the worst things a consumer and merchants couldn’t deal with quickly. Any error in the payment processing system can downgrade the standards memory of your business in your consumers’ minds.  

After that, consumers can look down on the company’s incompetence. And that is completely something that an honest businessman should let happens.  

Even if the system errors are not that rare, these events are meant to happen sometimes. When you’re sure about the partnership with the Processors, you must ask about the processing history. Also, ask about the things they did to reduce such incidents. A competent payment processor is well enough to handle all these things quickly. Also, they got the support of redundant servers to pull up the merchants out of these events.

Rates be fair means.

Offering a price for a specific thing should be clear and straightforward. Determination of rates and fees is based on many factors, for example – the company’s interchange category.

The risk factors attracting to your business can affect the interchange pricing. Every payment processor introduces its pricing for the matter. But the cost of interchange is set by card brands, which are applicable for everyone.s

Card brands; determine the rates structure by the qualification as small tickets/convenient buy with ease. Businesses such as IPTV, cinemas, online booking can enjoy such facilities. That’s possible if they get on an interchange level that charges high-volume transactions.

When it comes to money, transparency is the most needful thing to earn trust. If you go to any credit card processor, make sure to ask for clear statements for any fees they may charge for every transaction you do.

Customer Assistance

To maintain the relationship between you and your consumer, you can maintain and troubleshoot. By maintaining complex systems, you’ll be able to grow more when you enter a broader battleground.

When it’s about millions of people’s money globally, you need a compatible partner to support you via everything. During an emergency, your partner should be by your side when you need them the most.

You don’t need to mention time or hours, and you should get help when you encounter a critical moment. Busy is the word everyone carries with them. But you must not take money as a joke. You need 24/7 support available to carry out most of it.

Low sales need expert support to generate revenue for your business. So clear your doubts with your payment processing partner. And make sure that they can provide you with the level of services you expect.

Competent payment processors make sure that everything goes on the right track. They maintain transaction records well, and resolve the issues.

eMerchantPro | Credit Card Processing

During critical hours of your business, with payment-related issues, you can come to eMerchantPro. For robust solutions and better support, you can rely on us. From a long time serving these high-risk industries, we became most competent.

And we can handle any situation that can be harsh on your daily payment processing tasks. Be sure to visit us and get your solutions now!

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account? And how can you get it?

Did your business get labeled as high-risk by your payment processors? Don’t worry! A high-risk merchant account is here for you! Paying higher processing fees is the ability of a high-risk merchant account just to compensate for the risk factors involved. If you go through this blog, it will tell you how come your business is high-risk and how to pull it out of those issues.

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Getting chargeback, many frauds, and a higher volume of refunds makes you one of the high-risk merchants. Most of the time, it could be the reason, just because you’re a newcomer who hasn’t been in the market before and never processed any payments.

Sometimes in which industry you’re working is considered as high-risk. And online frauds can be the reason too. High-risk merchant account is capable of working in this industry too.

Can you control higher transaction issues?

Several companies in the market accept credit card payments as payments for the products consumer wants. Processing fees differentiate from company to company and products to industries. So, you can assume that the processing fees which are charged upon merchants in low-risk businesses can be high in high-risk businesses.

Although even low-risk merchants pay chargeback too, it’s slightly a little bit higher than the low-risk businesses. As a high-risk merchant, many times, the payment processor holds a certain amount from your income. Just in case those transactions get suspicious for fraudulent payments. So, there are many restrictions, and you need to overcome them.

High-risk businesses also generate higher revenue and turnover than any low-risk business. Bigger the risk, the bigger the profits. Just because of these situations, merchants get into trouble and don’t even get help from local banks, which hinders their growth.

Why does a merchant fall into the high-risk category?

Deliberately calling you a high-risk without reason is impossible. There can be many possibilities that you might actually be attracting some of them. Well, each PSP thinks differently works differently, so the reason for judging you as one of them can vary. Let list some of the factors that any PSP can think about a high-risk merchant.

· Transaction volume is off-limits.

Although not every business gets transactions in a large volume, for some, that’s just the daily outrun. And these can be one of the reasons for calling someone’s business high-risk. Monthly turnover, which crosses $20,000 and every other transaction hitting $500, can be part of these listings.

·  Offshore payments

It’s not that any business can’t accept offshore payments. But offshore payments attract too much risk. Selling into countries under the label of high-risk can cause online frauds, which is obvious to us, you or anyone globally.

·  Startup!

Take it simple! Not everyone is running an online business, so there can be chances that you can run into someone who can’t show their track records. And as a fresher, getting such services from local banks isn’t easy, and not completely impossible.

·  Industry

Records not mentioning any crime, bad history, or involvement in any filthy work can’t save you from the suspicion. You can still get the label of a high-risk merchant as the industry you’re dealing in is one of them.

High-volume transactions, a large number of the chargeback, and reputation risks will provide you with the tag. Ex- running an adult toys business, and one of your consumer’s kids opened up the site and unknowingly made the payment.

They’ll still get back at you and claim a chargeback for the reason that the payment wasn’t made by the real cardholder. How would you feel?

Businesses come under the category of high-risk

Not every single business is considered high-risk. But before the time you put your money in and run the process, you should check whether you’re one of them or not. There are some business sectors listed. If they belong to yours, then congrats, you’ve won it!

  • Forex trading
  • Nicotine business
  • Tours, and travels, online booking
  • Electronic items and flagships.
  • Online casinos and gambling platforms
  • Dating pro apps and matchmaking sites
  • Escort services, with adult entertainment
  • eCommerce websites
  • Multi-national companies.
  • e-Cigarettes, vapes, and Cannibal products
  • Subscription and ACH services based businesses
  • Fin-tech
  • Online gaming websites (paid)

High-Risk Merchant Account

Low-risk companies are judged according to some factors. And these factors are:-

  • Transaction volume lower than the volume of $20000/monthly.
  • The normal transact limit should be under $500
  • Not intervening in any high-risk labeled country.
  • Single transaction mode.
  • The chargeback percentage should be low or lower than 0, and the monthly returns should be low too.

Development of business can change your tag along with the expansion and growth of your business. A sudden growth in the business can change the area of your business, and this can make a change into your tag of low-risks.

Shifting the industry into a completely different from your previous one in such a short time can also make you a high–risk businessman. In both conditions, the favor from the payment processors will reduce. And the chances of getting the termination from the contract can arrive. At that moment, other than finding a new partner would be the one and final option for you.

How to apply for a high-risk merchant account and get faster approval?

Business and tax files will explain your business thoroughly, so they’re mandatory. After that, processed application, PSP will decide whether to treat as one of the low-risk merchants or put you on the list of high-risk. Gradually they’ll make a plan for you.

List of things needed for these services

  • Copy of business license
  • Certified if incumbency
  • KYC and KBC
  • Address proof of the merchant and utility bill
  • Previous three months processing history

Businesses run in different sectors need an expert to handle their outcomes at payment processing. So, you need to find a reputable and relatable PSP for your business. Here, we want to introduce you to one of the leading brands for providing merchant services.

eMerchantPro serves everyone!

From low-high-risk businesses, everyone came to eMerchantPro for merchant solutions. And as our nature, we provided them with the best ever services they could get. Getting a high-risk merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway in fine rates can change their businesses.

And we’re glad to become the reason for their trust. To get this high-risk merchant account, follow us through the email, and get your expert solutions, now!


Adult Merchant Account for Promoting the Businesses Who Deals in Sexual Wellness

In 2020, the worldwide sex toys industry was estimated to be worth USD 33.64 billion. From 2021 to 2028, it is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.04 percent. During the projected period, increased spending capacity and an improved standard of living in developing economies are expected to fuel market expansion. With their expanding appeal among all age groups, novelty adult items are establishing a mainstream position in the sexual wellness market. The acceptance of the LGBTQ community as well as a growing interest among women in experimenting with sexual health products without fear of judgment is increasing product uptake and, as a result, driving market growth.

Liberalization, social media penetration, and the influence of pop culture have all contributed to a greater awareness of the importance of sexual health. Furthermore, the lack of manufacturing standards for sex toys allows producers to create items for both women and men. Without having to reveal the materials or chemicals used in the devices. As a result, manufacturers have complete freedom to produce a wide range of novelty toys. Sexual stimulation products such as vibrators, dildos, and e-stimulators are commonly utilized by both genders.

The adoption of cutting-edge technology for the production of creative items is one of the fastest-growing trends in the sex toys market.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Adult Merchant Account?

For a successful adult business, having a dependable merchant account is essential. Whether you’re an established company or just getting started, you’ll need to conduct extensive research and compare pricing.

One of the most common errors we see adult merchants make is selecting a popular payment processor. To discover that they don’t work with high-risk merchant accounts.

Let’s say you’re the owner of an adult toy store and you’re starting to see some success. You choose eMerchantPro because you’ll need to take credit cards.

eMerchantPro is a convenient payment processor for many businesses, but it does not operate with high-risk merchants.

As a result, after a few weeks of processing. eMerchantPro thoroughly underwrites your account, determines that it is an adult business, and instantly suspends your account. During the chargeback liability period, funds are held for up to 180 days.

Unfortunately, many adult merchants come to us after their accounts have been closed owing to being high-risk.

So, how can you choose an adult merchant account for your business while avoiding having your account closed?

How Does Having a High-Risk Adult Merchant Account Affect Your Business?

Adult merchants will very definitely want additional funds in a reserve account in the event of chargebacks, which are common in this business. Reserve accounts are linked to your adult merchant account as sub-accounts.

A portion of your credit card sales is held back to settle any credit card disputes or chargebacks that may arise. In most cases, reserves are kept for the duration of the merchant account.

After the chargeback liability period has elapsed – normally 180 days – the monies will be released. Consider a reserve as the bank’s last line of defense.

Offshore Merchant Account for Adult Business

Adult merchants will very definitely want additional funds in a reserve account in the event of chargebacks, which are common in this business. Reserve accounts are linked to your adult merchant account as sub-accounts.

A portion of your credit card sales is held back to settle any credit card disputes or chargebacks that may arise. In most cases, reserves are kept for the duration of the merchant account.

After the chargeback liability period has elapsed – normally 180 days – the monies will be released. Consider a reserve as the bank’s last line of defense.

If a merchant goes bankrupt, the bank has a legal right to recover chargeback’s.

eMerchantPro has a lot of experience assisting adult retailers with optimizing their charging structures. In terms of payment options, we believe merchants should always think worldwide and act locally. Adopting a truly global approach to billing is one example, but guaranteeing compliance can be difficult.

Make sure your payment service provider is aware of the numerous dangers associated with processing payments in several locations.

For Your Adult Business, increasing conversions with a high-risk account

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of having a high-risk merchant account, consider how a high-risk solution might dramatically enhance conversions.

Because there will be fewer shocks when it comes to denied transactions, adult businesses will realize that they are converting more sales. This is especially true if their payment processor is open and honest about supporting and understanding adult merchant accounts.

Increased chargeback and fraud prevention will also help conversions because revenue will not be lost unintentionally. eMerchantPro has joined with CB-ALERT to assist in the prevention of adult industry fraud.

Adult Toys Merchant Account Fees         

Is your payment processor experienced with the adult industry? If they do, submit an application and start comparing pricing and talking about what their company can do for your adult business.

Adult merchants are claimed to be accepted by a number of payment service providers. While they may have a hunger for the industry, many may realize that they lack the stomach for it simply because they do not comprehend it.

If your firm was turned down by a payment processor. It was most likely because the acquiring bank did not support the industry. You or your company was not well-established enough due to financial or credit constraints. eMerchantPro knows what it’s like to work in the adult business. We provide extremely low rates and have been in the adult toys merchant account market for over two decades.

Visit High Risk Payment Gateway USAHigh Risk Merchant Account USAOffshore Payment Gateway

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What makes casino high-risk payment gateways significant in the USA?

In 2020, the value of online gambling in the United States was USD 2,178.29 million. According to a prediction, its CAGR is expected to be at 17.34% between 2021-2026. This includes casinos also. After the pandemic, the closure of casinos and other gambling places gave a sudden shift to online gambling from offline to online. Now, when it comes to online casinos, we know a lot of money needs to get transferred. The safety of these multiple transactions is very important.

High-risk payment gateways facilitate the protected travel of money online during a transaction. Many other daily operational obstacles for a high-risk business like a casino keep creating issues. The payment gateways especially designed for unsafe businesses change the circumstances for good and help a merchant survive.

The core role of an online casino high-risk payment gateway

In simple words, a high-risk payment gateway transfers money between the merchant and the customer through offline and online modes However, in this process, varied aspects are involved. For example, it is a well-known fact that a gambling merchant needs a merchant account. This account is provided by an acquirer bank.

The payment gateway becomes the bridge not only between the casino players and the casino but also connects to the acquiring bank. The money paid by a customer reaches the merchant account through the payment gateway only. When the merchant wants to withdraw the funds, the acquiring bank sends the money through the same payment gateway.

Online casinos receive billions of dollars from their players on daily basis. Also, a casino needs to make refunds and chargebacks frequently. For that, it needs a safer and smarter bridge through which the money can transfer without any stress and mess.

Features of a high-risk payment gateway in the USA

With many features, a high-risk gateway solves all sorts of issues related to payment processing.  In the United States, casinos are already in threat due to strong laws against the online gambling industry.  While creating a bridge for payment between the customer and the merchant, it commits to offer an uncompromised experience to both.

3D secure gateway

To make sure that the casino players play in a protected atmosphere and make safer payments, payment gateways in the US, use 3D technology. The customers can make a payment but only when they fill in the authentication code sent on their mobile phones. This gives another shield of security and helps reduce chargebacks.

The payment gateways without 3D technology can accept payments only with a card number and expiry date. But such transactions are prone to fraud. It is the reason that high-risk businesses like online casinos in the US use 3D technology-backed payment gateways.

Seamless integration of tools

The high-risk payment gateway in the USA not only facilitates payment processing but also integrates multiple offline and online tools. It helps in daily operations. The integration includes ERP suites, CMS platforms, POS software, accounting software, etc. that are installed with the payment gateways. This facility has given manifold strength to online casino merchants.

If you are looking for a high-risk payment gateway for your business, you must search for the option with effective integration performance. eMerchantPro provides the payment processing gateway with a limitless integration facility to make the merchants operate smoothly on daily basis.

Detailed reporting of transactions

For better-informed decisions for the business, you need to know the nook and cranny of the money transactions. A detailed report that displays the recent and the current record helps understand the business performance in a better manner.

With regular and detailed reporting, you can understand the financial behavior of the players. Also, you can spot the track of how your company is doing for the last several months. Gather the reporting records and make more futuristic plans for the company’s growth. After all, every business or individual needs to know its current and past to make it’s future better.

Handle both offline and online businesses

According to the demand of the current time, it is vital today to have both the options of business, that is offline and online. The swipe devices and payment gateways installed on the website gives the freedom to operate easily. The more options a casino gives to its customers, the more satisfied customers feel and connect for a  longer time. However, in the case of an online casino, it may sound less relatable but what if the merchant plans to go offline as well in the future?

Today the world is getting back to its normal routine despite some stress due to pandemic. In such a case, casinos may open their outlets because casinos also inspire tourism. For example – the United States and the United Kingdom are two popular and favorite spots for casino players. Every year, millions of people travel to these places to travel as well as to play in their favorite casinos.

Make access to the merchant account

A payment gateway can also help you get a merchant account in an acquirer bank. As we already know that a high-risk business always needs a merchant account. Contemporary banks and finance companies do not want to work with an unsafe business. Also, there are very strict rules in America on online casinos.

Payment gateways always have a vast network of acquiring banks that provide a merchant bank account. Once you get in touch with a reliable and renowned payment processor, it will take the stress of providing you a merchant account. Isn’t that amazing?

As online casinos have clients from all over the world, an international high-risk payment gateway is the ultimate need of every casino business. With all the above features, it is easier for any company in the online gambling industry, to operate easily and flourish.


High-risk payment gateways in the U.S are enhancing in technology and features. However, indeed, they are also somewhere facing challenges because online casinos have suddenly increased after the covid-19 pandemic. But at the same time, these payment gateway companies have the vast opportunity to exploit the wide market. eMerchantPro that has worked with multiple online casino merchants knows what you need and how to implement it.

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How does eCommerce payment gateway improve customer and merchant experience?

e-Commerce businesses are timeless in opportunity despite their risky nature. If the merchants have a suitable and reliable business infrastructure, they can flourish conveniently. Millions of transactions take place on an e-Commerce website on daily basis. It is really important for a merchant to ensure the safety of these transactions. The eCommerce payment gateways make it simple to handle the hefty amount easily. Are you a business owner from the same industry? Then the piece of information below is for you.

What are the requirements of an eCommerce payment gateway?

Despite the generic role of payment gateways, they have to fulfill some industry-specific requirements. The payment gateway for eCommerce websites should come with certain traits to make every transaction successful between the merchant and the customer.

Easy to use –

eCommerce merchants make shopping easier and simpler and predictable and payment gateways have a big role in it. To manage these gateways, the merchants need to have one that is easy to use.

It should have a simple dashboard, administration panel as well as business administration tools. Also, it should have a monitoring and alerting system with performance indicators.

Global –

eCommerce businesses spread beyond geographical limits quite fast. Amazon, ebay, Walmart,  aliexpress, Magento, etsy, flipkart etc. are international eCommerce businesses. Your payment gateway should have the capacity to cover most of the locations. Also, multiple payment methods in multiple currencies are another feature you need to look for.

In this globalized world, a business cannot afford to overlook the significance of a payment gateway that facilitates payments from customers across the world. eCommerce Payment Gateway USA , UK, Paris etc. are available according to the requirement of this industry.

Secure –

The security of the money transfer between the merchant and the customer should remain uncompromisingly safe. The payment gateway provider you choose should be compliant with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard ) parameters.

eCommerce businesses are high-risk and security is always the prime concern. Chargebacks and fraud are the most common incidents that can happen to such a business. The security of the customer’s money is the most important thing for a business owner.

Economic –

Getting a payment gateway is a long-term thing and that is why the cost is a big factor. Payment processors charge according to the monthly volume mentioned by the merchant. Every business owner should do proper research while working on the cost part.

The good thing is that there are many options available online. eMerchantPro may end your research. Its affordable payment gateway services across the globe, provide suitable and budget-friendly solutions.

How eMerchant Pro offers fast integration and activation?

With a vast network across the world, eMerchantPro offers faster gateway integration. From payment gateways in the USA to the payment gateway services in Europe, Asia, Africa, the company serves across the world. The reason behind the trust of the people is the faster integration. We do not like delays because we value the time of the merchants.

Features that help us integrate and activate your payment gateway faster –

  • We work on the minimal cost and effort strategy, which naturally takes less time.
  • Seamless and speedy integration of APIs help merchants get things done faster.
  • Well outlined internal processes and detailed integration kit smoothen your online business.
  • We are compliant with the latest technology and PCI-DSS standards that are legally vital.

How does an e-commerce payment gateway work?

Some decided steps are included when a payment gateway works for an e-Commerce business. Here are the general ones that apply to almost all e-commerce companies.

  • The customer confirms the order and enters card details to make a payment.
  • Information or card detail is sent to the concerned card association.
  • Approval or denial of the transaction comes.
  • Approval is sent to the merchant and the merchant gives the acceptance.
  • Payment acceptance is sent to the card association
  • The card association sends the acceptance message to the bank.
  • Bank releases the payment and this all happens through the payment gateway.

The process above occurs in a few seconds every time a transaction takes place. We at eMerchantPro make this process simpler for the merchants through affordable services.


e-commerce payment gateways have a bright future as the market is getting vast day by day. The competition between the merchants is always high and they need a reliable payment processor. However, it is a big challenge for the online payment gateway companies, as they have to keep their systems enhanced with the latest technology. eMerchant Pro payment gateway services help eCommerce merchants enjoy simple and safer transactions with their customers. We have multiple clients from the same industry and our experience relatable to this business type will bring success to you.

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