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All the Things you Should Know about Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Several businesses were running over the internet and resulting in higher sales. Does that it became possible by credit card processing? Yes! Generating revenue with credit card payments acceptance is potential, so you must be one of them. Right? Or you wanted to start one.

Credit card payments help in faster check-out. Also, it can help in engaging several new consumers to your site. To get the best overlook, let’s read the topic out loud!

Steps of credit card processing

  • The customer enters the details on the payment page of the website.
  • When consumers pay offline, they use several means of payment. For ex- magnetic stripe cards, EMV chips, contactless cards, and digital wallets.
  • But, if we talk about online serving, the means changes to card-not-present modes via payment gateway. As an example, you can say debit or credit card payments.
  • The processor introduces secure credit card processing options when purchasing via smart devices.
  • Data get sent to the payment processor responsible for communicating with the issuing bank via various card networks.
  • There can be the possibility of approval or rejection at 50/50%.
  • After passing the test for actual payments via telling the requested details like – card validity, enough funds, and more, it proceeds.
  • Then the request granted alert is sent back to the processor. After that to the terminal.
  • Approved transactions wait for the settlement the weekend or settlement period.
  • Customer’s banks get charged for the transaction, and the amount gets transferred to your merchant account.

How to know that your credit card processors are suitable for you?

Many parties are involved in the process, so you cannot do this work solo easily. This process involves technology, payment networks, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions.

In simple words, these parties are responsible for accomplishing the credit card processing. When searching for credit card processors and partner acquirers, please look into these things. If you can get these four things done for you, you might get quality services.

  • Fasten your transaction rates
  • Merchant support
  • Rates by fair means
  • Customer assistance

Fasten your Transaction Rates

Payment should be fast enough to satisfy consumers’ interests. No one wants to be struggled by waiting for the payment to be complete. In terms of decency, a processor must do that faster. A payment processor should be able to transact large volume payments faster and securely.

Merely some processors are competent to pass this test. And it’s because they can transact online card payments in just a blink of an eye or maybe within seconds. But, not more than that.  

Life is about how things change faster. But, a few seconds can make it to ensure the safety of consumers from online frauds. What most gives faith to the consumer when they enter a website to buy something? That is the security trust, as they give the full details of their cards on your website to make it simple to shop anytime. So, it would help if you got this thing done before you get into the contract.

Merchant Support

System errors are one of the worst things a consumer and merchants couldn’t deal with quickly. Any error in the payment processing system can downgrade the standards memory of your business in your consumers’ minds.  

After that, consumers can look down on the company’s incompetence. And that is completely something that an honest businessman should let happens.  

Even if the system errors are not that rare, these events are meant to happen sometimes. When you’re sure about the partnership with the Processors, you must ask about the processing history. Also, ask about the things they did to reduce such incidents. A competent payment processor is well enough to handle all these things quickly. Also, they got the support of redundant servers to pull up the merchants out of these events.

Rates be fair means.

Offering a price for a specific thing should be clear and straightforward. Determination of rates and fees is based on many factors, for example – the company’s interchange category.

The risk factors attracting to your business can affect the interchange pricing. Every payment processor introduces its pricing for the matter. But the cost of interchange is set by card brands, which are applicable for everyone.s

Card brands; determine the rates structure by the qualification as small tickets/convenient buy with ease. Businesses such as IPTV, cinemas, online booking can enjoy such facilities. That’s possible if they get on an interchange level that charges high-volume transactions.

When it comes to money, transparency is the most needful thing to earn trust. If you go to any credit card processor, make sure to ask for clear statements for any fees they may charge for every transaction you do.

Customer Assistance

To maintain the relationship between you and your consumer, you can maintain and troubleshoot. By maintaining complex systems, you’ll be able to grow more when you enter a broader battleground.

When it’s about millions of people’s money globally, you need a compatible partner to support you via everything. During an emergency, your partner should be by your side when you need them the most.

You don’t need to mention time or hours, and you should get help when you encounter a critical moment. Busy is the word everyone carries with them. But you must not take money as a joke. You need 24/7 support available to carry out most of it.

Low sales need expert support to generate revenue for your business. So clear your doubts with your payment processing partner. And make sure that they can provide you with the level of services you expect.

Competent payment processors make sure that everything goes on the right track. They maintain transaction records well, and resolve the issues.

eMerchantPro | Credit Card Processing

During critical hours of your business, with payment-related issues, you can come to eMerchantPro. For robust solutions and better support, you can rely on us. From a long time serving these high-risk industries, we became most competent.

And we can handle any situation that can be harsh on your daily payment processing tasks. Be sure to visit us and get your solutions now!


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