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After selecting the Best High-Risk Merchant Account, the payment success rate has become a key indicator of business growth for many global trade merchants. Because the payment success rate is directly proportional to the order’s conversion rate.

 The higher the success rate, the better the user experience, and the higher the actual conversion rate. It means that merchants will earn more money for the same cost. As a result, using reputable merchant service providers to improve payment success rates can increase sales without increasing investment.

What exactly is High-Risk Merchant Account for small businesses?

A high-Risk Merchant Account is a set of payment execution and processing services. It includes the use of payment cards as part of the service provided to a merchant. Simply put, it is a service that allows merchants to accept credit card or debit card payments.

Because there are multiple steps in the payment process, it is common for one company to handle the entire process. Including acquiring, providing a payment gateway, processing, and so on.

If the merchant monitors user behavior on the payment page, it can determine where the payment failure occurred. Hence increasing payment success rates.

Consumers stay on the payment page for a long time after entering it. Consider whether to pay directly, and finally cancel the payment halfway through. Such customers are wary and may investigate the website or contact online customer service before making a payment.

 To address these types of customer concerns, it is necessary to improve the website’s quality, such as sophisticated page vision and timely customer service response. On the other hand, the merchant service provider should enhance the website’s security and credibility by displaying various safety certifications, promises, and shopping terms.

High-Risk Credit card processing issues

There are credit card issues. The following are the most common reasons why card issuers and credit card companies refuse to charge:

  • Customers enter incorrect or incomplete credit card information. For example, if the credit card number, expiration date, password, billing address, or other information is incorrect, the bank cannot or will not charge.
  • The consumer’s payment card is a 3D credit card, and if the 3D verification code is not entered or the verification fails during the payment process, the system will flag the transaction as unauthorized and refuse to deduct the payment.
  • The system detects black cards, stolen cards, duplicate cards, and other illegal cards used by consumers for payment. And if there are bad transaction records, such as refusal to pay, the system refuses to deduct the money.
  • The credit card’s credit limit is insufficient to complete the transaction, the expiration date is incorrectly entered, or the credit card period has expired.
  • When customers pay for the same IP address multiple times in a short period of time and are suspected of other illegal activities such as cash out, money laundering, and fraud, the system refuses to deduct money.

High-risk merchant account instant approval– A critical component of e-commerce growth

According to online data, 64 percent of consumers will no longer visit a website with a bad payment link. And 28 percent will leave a negative impression of the merchant because of a bad payment experience.

Furthermore, different countries’ cultures, languages, and security requirements are involved in the global payment process. Any error in any link will result in a negative consumer experience, which will directly lead to lost sales and brand damage.

As a result, without a good independent payment channel, entrepreneurship and global e-commerce development will face challenges from overseas acquisitions.

How EmerchantPro can help you get high-risk processing solutions?   

EmerchantPro as a global high-risk merchant account provider in the USA can effectively assist users in resolving the aforementioned issues. EmerchantPro highly stable payment system can reduce the loss of online orders. In terms of payment fraud, it balances payment security and order conversion while employing humane problem-solving methods.

EmerchantPro has a comprehensive and intelligent risk control management system. Every transaction that passes through our risk control system can be subjected to real-time risk judgments by our intelligent real-time risk control system. 

The risk control system guides the current trend of the transaction based on the final risk score: risk control passed, risk control blocked, 3D transaction entered, or manual intervention risk assessment.


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eMerchant Pro offers a secure solution to all the industries seeking a suitable payment process. You can enhance your business within a short span without a delay.

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