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A High-Risk Payment Gateway is a web-based application that allows merchants to accept payments through their website. It securely transmits transaction data from a variety of payment methods to your merchant account. Ecommerce merchants can use a payment gateway to accept credit card payments, and debit card payments.

Your online payment gateway has features that help you navigate past and pending purchases in addition to accepting payments.

Many businesses are unaware that they are high-risk merchants until something goes wrong. As a result, their payment processing account is frozen due to a lack of funds.

Worse, the chargebacks begin to accumulate, and the account is terminated. The merchant is then left wondering how to get out of a high-risk processing situation that they did not anticipate.

Choosing the Best Payment Gateway for High-Risk Business

A number of factors influence which payment gateway is best for you. One of them is your level of risk. Many payment gateway providers will not allow you to sign up if you run a high-risk business, such as an online Adult-themed website.

Alternatively, they may quickly approve usage before terminating your account. If you need a high-risk payment gateway, EmerchantPro is the place to go. We have fewer regulations and can help you set up your gateway and merchant account.

High-Risk Payment Processing at a Low Cost

If pricing is your primary source of frustration, you should consider negotiating lower fees. Many merchants are unaware that gateway fees can be changed.

If your monthly sales volume exceeds $50,000, you have the opportunity to drastically reduce your payment processing costs. Make sure to discuss the opportunity to save money with your gateway provider.

Which Payment Gateway for high-risk businesses should you use?

The best payment gateway to use is one that meets the company’s requirements. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a payment gateway service.

Accepts a Variety of Payment Methods –

From credit cards to cryptocurrency, the best payment gateways accept a variety of payment methods. Allow your customers to complete a purchase using their preferred payment method.

Has 3D Secure Technology –

Similar to payment processing double-factor authentication. To provide the highest level of security in online transactions, 3D Secure adds an extra step at checkout.

Low Rates and Fees –

Gateway fees are common for all providers, so shop around for the lowest ones you can find. The majority of fees are assessed per transaction and as a percentage of each purchase. You can cut fees by determining which of those two costs will cost you more and negotiating them separately.

Simple Integrations –

On the technical side, you’ll want clean code and quick uptime. Easy integration is critical for getting your payment technology up and running quickly while saving money on hiring developers to install it.

User-Friendly Interface –

Payment gateways allow you to interact with payments and track each purchase made on your site. For managing your transaction history, a streamlined view and a well-designed interface are essential.

Why you should choose EmerchantPro as your High-Risk Payment Service Provider?

Our payment gateway represents a shift in the payments technology landscape. We’ve included all of the most important features in an intuitive and responsive interface with a brand new redesign. While maintaining a wide range of payment features, EmerchantPro accepts multi-currency payments such as cryptocurrency.

Recurring Billing – Charge payments that occur at regular intervals and increase steadily over time.

Chargeback Prevention – Detect malicious activity and learn how to identify chargeback fraud.

Reporting – Review past and pending charges or forecast future sales by pulling payment information.

Overall, it’s worth reconsidering if you’re using EmerchantPro – a modern payment gateway as your payment technology. Call us today to learn how to easily integrate one of the industry’s leading payment gateways.


There are numerous payment gateway providers to choose from, each with unique benefits for different types of merchants. The best one is that which suits your industry, location, and the types of transactions you conduct in your business. Some payment gateway providers work with virtual terminals, while others focus on physical stores.

To find the best online store gateway, compare the options available to eCommerce businesses. If you have a physical store, you might want an interactive gateway that you can use with a credit card reader like us.


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