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What Makes Credit Card Processing Crucial?

“1.06 billion credit cards in use in the United States of America” (Shift Credit Card Processing)
With multitudes of credit cards working in the country USA, a merchant needs to associate the business with the requirements too. Therefore, card payments, especially credit cards, will hold a solid ground for the business. There are different generations of consumers paying for goods, services, or merchandise. Hence, you need to accept payments from every audience.
Credit card binds every type of consumer together with ease and convenience of payments. Mobility adds to the processing of credit cards. Therefore, no more traditional ways to process the payments over the POS terminals. The new mode of online payment through credit cards is a card-not-present payment method. However, the millennials are one of the primary consumer bases of the merchant.
How does the Millenial change the aspect of Credit Card Processing?
The working environment around the globe is slowly pushing towards the particular generation. Therefore, they will form the driving force of any business. On the other hand, multiple problems surround them with the usage of credit cards. Some of them look completely like a debt. How does it change a merchant’s business?
Though it sounds out of context, a person with multiple debts over the head won’t try to pay through credit cards. However, surveys suggest that about 20 to 25% of millennial pays through credit cards even though they are in debt.
The reason for it is the convenience a credit card offers to the consumer crosses the boundaries of debt. Furthermore, the passive rewards for the purchase help the consumer exponentially. eMerchantPro’s Credit Card Processing capabilities gives a new light to a business trying to push their business forward. It allows a merchant to help 80% of the US-based audience to use their credit cards. A Business becomes quite profound when it reaches a bigger consumer base.
​The Credit Card Processing facility ensures a reliable solution for processing the card payments on the website. Learn more about eMerchantPro’s solution!


What are other options for credit card payments?

Merchants and consumers have many other options than High-Risk credit card processing. It will not only improve business transactions but also propel the business forward. A business’s success depends on being able to provide convenience for customers. This makes the entire process more cost-effective, efficient, and economical. Convenience is the key to the ultimate payment experience.

High-Risk Credit card processing combined with multiple payment options is a great way to build brand loyalty and increase brand image. Furthermore. The overall efficiency of the payment gateway is enhanced by mobile credit card processing. The ability to offer consumers a variety of payment options increases sales quickly.

When they don’t have the preferred method of payment, it can affect a consumer’s attitude towards payment. Although debit and credit card processing may seem simple for consumers, it is not the only method of payment for large audiences. The consumer may leave your site to shop for another merchant that accepts multiple payment methods. When you are looking for a payment processor, make sure they have all the necessary solutions.

As credit card processing is a key component of a business’s future, the upcoming years will be crucial. As we have discussed, the millennial generation is transforming the industry and earning culture. The other modes of payment involve Bank Transfers, eWallets, eChecks, ACH, Recurring Modes of Payment, Cryptocurrencies, and more.

These modes of payment are known as alternate modes of payment that provide a generous boost to the online payment solutions for your company.

The Role of the High-Risk credit Card Processing works with the idea of providing an easy payment processing solution. Headstart your business with it today

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What is the Benefit of High-Risk Credit Card Processing?

Merchants and consumers around the world find credit cards a boon as well as a curse. Credit cards are convenient for consumers and allow them to chargeback any dispute. Consumers are in control of their destiny.

The merchants also benefit from the added security provided by the card schemes. It also strengthens the authentication to make sure that the payment is made by the intended recipient.

Thus, fraud rates will decrease for merchants and payment gateways. It also improves payment processing.

Also, the approval rating for payments has increased. Approval rates play a crucial role in the company’s financial health. A higher approval rate for payments will increase the company’s longevity and streamline it.

Payment processing reliability will see a significant boost. The seamless security provided by both payment processing agencies (PSP & PCIDSS) makes the process quick and secure for merchants and consumers.

It will also significantly lower chargebacks for a company. Most often, chargebacks result from unauthenticated payments or non-supervision payments. The multi-factor verification, combined with security from card schemes, makes it safe.

The Role of the High-Risk credit Card Processing works with the idea of providing an easy payment processing solution. Headstart your business with it today

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What is a Chargeback? The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Chargebacks

What are Chargebacks?

Chargeback is returning specific funds to the consumers after a successful dispute. The design of Chargebacks comes from 40 years ago to provide convenience to consumers. It provides security to consumers from identity theft and fraud. Chargeback is the process of payment reversal to the consumer.

Card Authorities are the ones offering enhanced services to the consumers. In other words, they are the ones that provide the chargeback issuing solution. It is mainly for Debit and Credit Card Holders.

There are a variety of reasons for filing a chargeback. The card-holders get advance security from card fraud or identity thefts. The credit card holder will have a particular time frame to raise a dispute, commonly known as Chargeback Period. The dispute against a charge requires a thorough inspection.

Furthermore, there will be various proof requirements too.

What is the Issue With Chargebacks?

The major chargeback issue lies in the fact that a chargeback causes a loss of more than Two times the cost. Furthermore, sometimes, the chargebacks aren’t real indeed. That brings in the issue of friendly fraud.

What are Friendly Frauds?

Friendly frauds are a type of chargeback wherein consumers flag disputes even though they got the correct goods or services. In this case, the merchants lose an ample amount financially and the product or service.

Friendly frauds are dangerous for a merchant and create a massive mess.

“86% of chargebacks are fraudulently placed, skipping the merchant & going straight to the chargeback process” (Global risk Technologies)

Thus, the merchant cannot track the fraudulent activity effectively. It is due to the lack of information and channeling of the chargeback. The consumers skipping the proper process are fraudulent in most cases.

Only 14% of the consumer takes the proper channel of refunds. It hampers the business as it loses its reputation. The associated bodies tend to put the company on a caution list due to the higher chargeback ratio.

The Chargeback Protection Services for Merchants

The three types of chargeback protection services are:

  1. Alerts for Chargebacks
  2. Chargeback Management
  3. Complete Chargeback Protection

Chargeback Alerts

Chargeback alert is a small window chargeback protection service that allows the merchant to offer a refund. Generally, the window is of 24 hours to either collect all the data against the chargeback or provide a refund.

It depletes the chargeback rate of a company and makes it quite easy for the merchant to work. However, the window is small, and there is not much to do if the chargeback is on the verge.

Chargeback Management through Deflection

Fraud prevention companies work with advanced technologies to provide solutions to the merchants. Payment Service Provider offers tech-driven solutions to the merchants with the companies’ tie-up.

These management services provide a linger window and offer profound solutions to the merchants. The use of information and data becomes feasible with the Fraud Scoring into account. Furthermore, the dashboard gets you the information to have the best choices.

Complete Chargeback Protection

Last but not least are the complete chargeback protection services by a Payment Service Provider. It offers an advanced solution to a merchant by covering the cost of the chargeback. In other words, the PSP covers the complete cost of the chargeback.

Only the experienced and big service providers offer this type of solution wherein the merchant is protected. There will be no need to run here and there for the chargeback. All the service provider does is taken a small charge from the merchant as security.

What does eMerchantPro have to offer you?

eMerchantPro is a Payment Service Provider with tonnes of experience in the High-Risk Business sector. In other words, eMerchantPro provides a precise payment processing solution. Your business gets to step into the digital marketplace with eMerchantPro Payment Gateway and Merchant Account.

Furthermore, eMerchantPro keeps chargebacks away from your business. In other words, it provides Complete Chargeback Protection to Merchants around the globe. That means there won’t be any problem with the Chargebacks and Financial Reputation. The complete chargeback protection services will resolve the problem with online payments and chargebacks.

High-Risk Payment Gateway: Payment Experience

The High-Risk Payment Gateway empowers your business in online transactions. Furthermore, the payment gateway is the one that interacts with the consumers. The base-level experience initiates a better payment experience and overall consumer retention.

Multi-Currencies for International Payments

To start with international reach, accepting multiple currencies is quite crucial. Thus, while searching for a High-Risk Payment Gateway Provider, check for the currencies they support. Digital payments cannot be limited to a standard currency because they will hamper the payment experience.

Thus, accepting a variety of currencies establishes a brand image. The brand image settles the reputation for ease of online payments. A company that thinks for the consumers will have loyal consumers who watch out for them. Thus, offering convenience for the payments will enhance the company.

As for Consumer Retention, the multiple-currency support needs an add-on feature of multiple modes of payment. Accepting currencies over a range of payment methods affirms your business in the eyes of the consumers. The major modes of payment that plays a vital role are:

1. Debit and Credit Card

2. Wire Transfer

3. eWallets

4. Cryptocurrencies

5. eCheck

6. ACH; etc

Moreover, these modes of payment combined with multiple currencies will allow your business to reach a better global audience.

Real-Time Transactions

Ensuring ease of payment is crucial for a High-Risk Payment Gateway. However, understanding the need for Real-Time Transactions is much more critical. It ensures that the payments processing witnesses no delay. Furthermore, it reduces the errors of funds and reports to the financial entities. Real-Time Transactions ensures payment processing accuracy.

In addition, analytics are critical for real-time payments in the financial services industry. It is an industry that faces massive amounts of data and is prone to latency and volatility. The need to discover complex patterns in real-time, correlate information, analyze it, and act on it immediately is critical.

Hence, a requirement for a Powerful Dashboard comes more vital with High-Risk Businesses working with high volumes and volatility. The conveyance of information holds extreme importance in the digital payment sector. Therefore, monitoring the transactions can be beneficial for a business.

Safe and Compliant

Once you know what to expect from a payment gateway, you can focus on how to choose your preferred payment gateway. You will easily find a traditional payment gateway that makes your shopping cart convenient. So let’s focus on security.

According to Experian, 27% of customers report abandoning a cart simply due to a lack of visible security.

Therefore, the High-Risk Payment Gateway needs proper compliance and security. The safety of revenue is on the line here. Thus, the solutions need precise solutions that work with the website to provide a seamless payment experience. eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway is

PCI DSS Compliant

The compliance of the payment gateway is quite strict. Furthermore, it ensures the security of transactions and the deposition of funds. Thus, the payments are secure throughout the channel.

Multi-Factor Authenticated

The authentication process of the payments is a crucial part of the payment gateway. Reaching the concerned card-issuing authority is vital for keeping the transactions safe. The 3D Secure authentication creates a dynamic layer of security over the processing. The security layers come with OTP that adds safety.


Point To Point Encryption is a passive feature that works in the backdrop to provide added security. The P2PE encrypts the channel for the secure transmission of payment information. Thus, it stops the breaches and keeps the funds safe from hackers. If a High-Risk Payment Gateway is P2PE, the payment gateway will protect the data conveniently.


Tokenization is a feature that keeps sensitive data safe. eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway offers the Card on File feature that enables consumers to save their transaction information for future payments. However, keeping that card information on the payment gateway can be risky. Therefore, the Tokenization features convert the sensitive data into non-sensitive redundant data. Thus, none else can reach the information that easily.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Last but not least are the Fraud Prevention Tools. Fraud, Scams, and identity thefts are pretty common in high-risk businesses. Therefore, eMerchantPro offers Fraud Prevention Tools that provide advanced security against them. The tools such as Address Verification System, Card Verification Value Checker, Geolocation tracking, Fraud Scoring, and Multi-Factor Authentication. These are the tools that the merchant requires and the consumers’ needs.

The Final Verdict

In Conclusion, the High-Risk Payment Gateway works pretty seamlessly to add a better payment experience. In other words, the solution you need is to accept online payments and offer the best consumer experience. With many companies focusing on how the consumer experience can change the business, Payments will soon become mainstream.

Thus, High-Risk Payment Gateway can do wonders for a High-Risk Business. It will change your business aspect and help you to accept payments online. Hence, eMerchantPro offers dedicated solutions for a business and provides profound support. We use a perfect mix of experience and technology to offer precise services.

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4 Features to look for in a High-Risk Payment Gateway


high-risk payment gateway is dedicated payment processing software. It will facilitate the high-risk merchant during the collection of online payments. What’s the biggest deal here? That is, this payment gateway is specially offered to high-risk merchants.

High-risk merchants use it to run their online business smoothly. The problem with high-risk businesses is that they attract many financial risks, which financial institutions want to avoid as much as possible. Hence, these institutions mostly avoid getting into financial terms with such businesses. And they also don’t even provide merchant services to such merchants.

However, many other sources can provide those merchants with merchant services with ease. But for them as well, merchants have to be prepared for the conditions imposed on them by such sources.

Whom are we talking about? We’re talking about PSPs. PSPs are groups of expert people. They handle the risk factors and try to reduce the losses for merchants. Individually a merchant can’t handle such situations that easily. But, with the help of a PSP, they can fight with any drastic situation.

Before getting into the best 4 features of this gateway, we should talk about what you should look for in a PSP before acquiring a gateway from them.


Space for growth

With a reliable PSP, merchants would get the freedom of expressing thoughts. In the future, even if merchants want to expand their business and want more resources, they can demand them. It means that with a reliable PSP, a merchant will have a space for growth.

Reliable Partner Acquirer

A reliable PSP should have the backing of a trusted partner acquirer. That will never leave the PSP in an awkward situation. By odd, we mean a situation where the consumer doesn’t respond to the problem caused by the acquirer’s incorporation.

Secure Network

They should be reliable in matters of security. Suppose they can provide security to both parties; they are completely credible from the point of view of a responsible merchant. The parties mentioned here are merchants and consumers.

Global Reach

They must know how to get the global population’s attention towards merchant’s products. Also, it should have such services that can provide convenience to global consumers. If you’re looking for an individual that has all these properties in it, then we’ll say it is “eMerchantPro”.


Yes, you heard that right; eMerchantPro is capable of all of the above. And some of the types of services we can provide you are:-

(a) Merchant assistance

eMerchantPro provides complete support to merchants so that they don’t have to wait too long for anything. Any query of merchants will be clarified by eMerchantPro in no time. Our experts will explain everything about our services to the merchants. So, they’ll never have any unresolved doubts.

(b) Chargeback Protection

You must have heard of fake claims and may have faced them by yourself many times. So this time, the whole scenario will be changing for you. We’ll check the product’s condition according to the claim. If it doesn’t match those conditions written in the T&C of products, the claim will be rejected after getting the proof of false claim from merchants.

Otherwise, if the claim has proven to be right, the amount will be transferred to the claimant’s account in the chargeback period stated by banks.

© 24×7 Consumer Support

See, we’re not here for only supporting merchants. We do care about their consumer’s convenience too. Why don’t we? It is the main motive of merchants, too, right? That’s why they contact the PSP to solve their issues as soon as possible.

If we get any complaints from consumers, we will consider them and try to solve them ASAP. So the consumers won’t hassle them for too long too.

(d) PCI DSS Secure

The best part about a reliable PSP is its security standards. With us, merchants won’t have to worry about their security. We have PCI DSS level 1 certification. And our team follows the rules and regulations to protect the consumers. Now, consumers will have the convenience of a safe shopping environment.

To get more info about the features visit eMerchantPro now.

Are high-risk Payment gateways available for all kinds of businesses?

What kind of businesses does eMerchantPro work with and which ones don’t?

eMerchantPro is a flexible partner as it provides service to any merchant in their home country or outside the country. Apart from that, it serves both low-risk businesses and high-risk businesses. But here’s the deal.

We have a high-risk appetite for companies. However, we don’t support illegal and illicit companies. As long as everything is legal, we will help the merchants with dedication.

What industries have we worked in and what services can we provide to high-risk businesses?

We have provided our services to many industries like — Forex, Online Casino, Online Gaming, and Adults. Talk about services then we provide the following services.


Merchant Assistance

No matter how many times a day merchants ask for help, our experts will help them in every way possible. They can ask for anything related to our services or if they have doubts about anything feel free to ask. There is no time limit as our support will be available on a 24×7 basis.

3D Protection

We have the Level 1 Certification of PCI DSS. Our whole team is abided by the T&C stated by the PCI DSS to keep all things in control.

We make sure that the merchant doesn’t have to stress about data security even for a second. Providing the merchants and their consumers with a sense of security is our motto.

Chargeback Protection

Merchants bear a lot of losses due to no stronger support. But with eMerchantPro, they wouldn’t need to worry about that anymore. If a chargeback claim arises on any product, we check whether the condition of the product is valid for the T&C of that product.

If the condition matches the amount will be transferred to the claimant’s a/c within the chargeback period as specified by the bank. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected after the proof of false claim provided by the merchant.

Now let’s talk about features of a High-risk Payment gateway

Multi-Currency Transaction

One of the challenges for a high-risk merchant is dealing with online consumers from different countries. This Payment gateway helps merchants to receive online payments in any currency of their choice.

Apart from that consumers are also free to pay for their purchase in their currency. This can ease the discomfort of millions of consumers that are trying to buy a product from such websites.

Alternative Payment Modes

We admit that businesses are growing rapidly. But with their increasing range, the demand is also increasing day by day for more convenience of the consumers. Thanks to this Payment gateway, merchants can provide their customers with the convenience of making payments in various ways.

Some of those options would be — E-Wallet, CC, and Wire Transfer, etc. Now the consumers will feel more comfortable while shopping for their favorite brand.

Real-Time Reporting

Merchants are getting a chance to cover up their losses now. In the past without a proper report merchants had to bear losses. But with the real-time reporting system of this Payment gateway, they will receive alerts for every single transaction.

On top of that, an alert will drop for merchants if there is anything wrong with the payment processing department. And then they will be able to take action to bring the situation under control within time.

Global Card Saving

This feature of this Payment gateway will help the consumers to save their cards on the merchants’ websites. Consumers will have to do this for once and all. After that, they’ll be able to continue their shopping without any issue.

Fraud Prevention

This Payment gateway runs many fraud prevention tools to secure transactions. If any transaction seems to be suspicious would be checked properly. And if the details of the payer and the cardholder don’t match the transaction will be nullified.

On the opposite, if they both matched the transaction will be complete without any issue. This way the merchants and their consumers will stay safe.

eMerchantPro has many years of experience working with high-risk businesses. Merchants can visit our blog section to know in detail about our other services. Without wasting much time just send a mail and get your high-risk Payment gateway.