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What kind of businesses does eMerchantPro work with and which ones don’t?

eMerchantPro is a flexible partner as it provides service to any merchant in their home country or outside the country. Apart from that, it serves both low-risk businesses and high-risk businesses. But here’s the deal.

We have a high-risk appetite for companies. However, we don’t support illegal and illicit companies. As long as everything is legal, we will help the merchants with dedication.

What industries have we worked in and what services can we provide to high-risk businesses?

We have provided our services to many industries like — Forex, Online Casino, Online Gaming, and Adults. Talk about services then we provide the following services.


Merchant Assistance

No matter how many times a day merchants ask for help, our experts will help them in every way possible. They can ask for anything related to our services or if they have doubts about anything feel free to ask. There is no time limit as our support will be available on a 24×7 basis.

3D Protection

We have the Level 1 Certification of PCI DSS. Our whole team is abided by the T&C stated by the PCI DSS to keep all things in control.

We make sure that the merchant doesn’t have to stress about data security even for a second. Providing the merchants and their consumers with a sense of security is our motto.

Chargeback Protection

Merchants bear a lot of losses due to no stronger support. But with eMerchantPro, they wouldn’t need to worry about that anymore. If a chargeback claim arises on any product, we check whether the condition of the product is valid for the T&C of that product.

If the condition matches the amount will be transferred to the claimant’s a/c within the chargeback period as specified by the bank. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected after the proof of false claim provided by the merchant.

Now let’s talk about features of a High-risk Payment gateway

Multi-Currency Transaction

One of the challenges for a high-risk merchant is dealing with online consumers from different countries. This Payment gateway helps merchants to receive online payments in any currency of their choice.

Apart from that consumers are also free to pay for their purchase in their currency. This can ease the discomfort of millions of consumers that are trying to buy a product from such websites.

Alternative Payment Modes

We admit that businesses are growing rapidly. But with their increasing range, the demand is also increasing day by day for more convenience of the consumers. Thanks to this Payment gateway, merchants can provide their customers with the convenience of making payments in various ways.

Some of those options would be — E-Wallet, CC, and Wire Transfer, etc. Now the consumers will feel more comfortable while shopping for their favorite brand.

Real-Time Reporting

Merchants are getting a chance to cover up their losses now. In the past without a proper report merchants had to bear losses. But with the real-time reporting system of this Payment gateway, they will receive alerts for every single transaction.

On top of that, an alert will drop for merchants if there is anything wrong with the payment processing department. And then they will be able to take action to bring the situation under control within time.

Global Card Saving

This feature of this Payment gateway will help the consumers to save their cards on the merchants’ websites. Consumers will have to do this for once and all. After that, they’ll be able to continue their shopping without any issue.

Fraud Prevention

This Payment gateway runs many fraud prevention tools to secure transactions. If any transaction seems to be suspicious would be checked properly. And if the details of the payer and the cardholder don’t match the transaction will be nullified.

On the opposite, if they both matched the transaction will be complete without any issue. This way the merchants and their consumers will stay safe.

eMerchantPro has many years of experience working with high-risk businesses. Merchants can visit our blog section to know in detail about our other services. Without wasting much time just send a mail and get your high-risk Payment gateway.


Published by EMerchant Pro

eMerchant Pro offers a secure solution to all the industries seeking a suitable payment process. You can enhance your business within a short span without a delay.

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