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The digital platforms gave firm ground to the commerce infrastructure. The expectations from eCommerce are on the rise every day. Due to the firm advancements in the sector, eCommerce’s revenue projections hold quite a major figures.

“By 2025, it’s estimated that world retail eCommerce sales will exceed $7.3 trillion, and the overall eCommerce share of retail sales will hit 24.5 percent”. Oberlo’s reports suggest that the projection might be a deciding factor.

However, there creeps in the problem of processing the payments. A Business requires major elements of payment processing. One is an eCommerce Payment Gateway, and the other is an eCommerce Merchant Account.

How to Accept Digital Payments?

Before getting a payment processing solution for your business, you need a way to accept online payments. The digital payments require a dedicated account for deposition. The eCommerce Merchant Account is the one to accept online payments for your business.

What does the merchant account do?

The eCommerce Merchant Account is a High-Risk Merchant Account that offers additional support to your business. eCommerce is a high-risk business and infamous for frauds, chargebacks, and market volatility. Therefore, there is a major rise in dedicated high-risk service providers.

The merchant account is a bank account that accepts online payments and keeps the payment secured. Furthermore, it keeps the payment safe until the settlement time is complete and transfers it to your desired bank account. It makes refunds easy and provides some exclusive support to eCommerce.

The acquiring bank is the one to accept multiple modes of payment and currencies for your business. An eCommerce company is as strong as its global reach capabilities. Thus, eMerchantPro offers exclusive support for your business. There is massive interconnectivity with the international banks that makes a mark. It allows quick approval for your business.

What makes the eCommerce Merchant Account different?

It is a fact that digital payments are on the rise. Thus, Merchant Account provides online payment acceptance for your business. Furthermore, it will have a better tolerance for Fraud and Chargebacks.

eMerchantPro as a Payment Service Provider will offer the best acquirer for your business. The account will streamline your business to accept online payments and gets you an easy settlement for payments.

Moreover, your business gets to process online payments now that you have a merchant account for payment deposition.

How to Process the Online Payments on Your Website?

Accepting online payments is one thing, but processing online payments requires a Payment Gateway. The Payment Gateway will process the digital payments on your website. Besides, it connects with the consumers to pay on your website. Thus, the payment gateway offers multiple consumer-centric functionalities. These advanced payment technologies provide enhanced support to merchants.

What are the features of the Online Payment Gateway?

Some of the features that keep payment processing ease in mind are:

1.      Multi-Factor Authentication

eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway has multi-factor authentication capabilities. The 3D Security feature of the payment gateway adds an extra dynamic security layer. With more and more safety advancements, the authentication process needs to be tighter.

The 3D Security generates OTP and allows the authentication process to be more precise and safe.

2.      PCI DSS Compliance

A payment processing channel that processes payments or stores consumer data should be PCI Compliance. Therefore, eMerchantPro offers payment gateways that are PCI DSS Compliant up Level 1. It ensures the transaction security of the business and saves you from penalty hassle.

Moreover, the eCommerce Merchant Account is PCI Compliant to ensure complete payment and data security.

3.      Card On File

A seamless payment processing requires a payment gateway with better processing capabilities. The Card on File feature allows the consumer to save transaction details for future payments. In addition, they won’t have to enter the payment details again for the payments.

It adds to the payment experience of the consumers. Moreover, it makes your eCommerce business profound.

4.      Easy Checkout

The next is the Easy Checkout feature of the payment gateway. Redirections during payment processing make it tough. In addition, Consumers tend to abandon those payments that have too many redirects. Therefore, eMerchanPro offers a one-window payment gateway.

The easy checkout keeps the payment processing experience hassle-free and quick.

5.      Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard gives major control to the merchant. Furthermore, it opens better visibility and surveillance of the payments. A Merchant can reach the Payment Service Provider, Manage Chargebacks, issue dedicated control to the staff, etc. The dashboard is the one that takes control over the payment gateway.

What’s more exciting is a Merchant can integrate more payment gateways. Moreover, the merchant can get the API directly on the Dashboard.

6.      Easy Integration

The Payment Gateway has multiple integration capabilities. The more diverse the payment gateway is, the more personalized it becomes. Thus, the eCommerce Payment Gateway is completely API-driven for the sake of easy integration.

However, the payment gateway supports HPP and a range of Plugins for the integration process.

The list of features goes long for the payment processing channel. Therefore, let’s put a cap to it right here.

The Payment Gateway and the Merchant Account onboard the digital payments for your firm. However, eCommerce is a High-Risk Business and requires a dedicated service provider, right? Yes, that is pretty much the truth. Thus, eMerchantPro is a dedicated High-Risk Payment Service Provider.

How can a Business Counter Fraud and Chargeback Ratio?

Fraud and Chargebacks are indeed a barrier to online payment processing. Thus, catching up to the leaderboard becomes tough. eMerchantPro takes special care for fraud and chargebacks. The Fraud Prevention Tools and Chargeback Protection and Management do wonder.

A Protection from Fraud

Multiple Fraud Prevention Systems work on the payment gateway every time payment takes place. These tools and systems ensure business security from fraudsters and scammers. eMerchantPro uses:

1.      Address Verification System

AVS is a great tool that detects suspicious activities of payment processing. It ensures that the billing and cardholder’s credit or debit card addresses match. There are multiple internal thresholds and authentication that streamlines the process.

2.      Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode

Another authentication tool by the card networks to ensure password protection plays its role. Both of the authentication systems work extravagantly to provide dynamic control over fraudsters.

3.      Geolocation Tracking

Multiple Financial Bodies has listed some countries, states, and cities as High-Risk areas. Tracking if the payment processing is from these locations is crucial. Thus, eMerchantPro uses the criteria of Geolocation tracking to check if the payment should be processed or not.

4.      Fraud Scoring

Furthermore, eMerchantPro has Fraud Scoring of Consumers to keep track of the fraud records. It keeps the payments secure and easy to go through the channel. Fraud Scoring calculates the potential and checks for suspicious activities of the consumers in payments.

Last but not least, Multi-Factor Authentication is another fraud prevention tool that makes payments more secure. The dynamic layer of security keeps the authentication process strong for the merchants.

Stopping Chargebacks!

On the other hand, there arises the issue of chargebacks in the eCommerce business. Therefore, eMerchantPro provides enhanced care to the merchants on the issue of chargebacks.

eMerchantPro offers Complete Chargeback Protection to the merchants. It implies that eMerchantPro covers the complete cost of the chargeback by taking the Merchant into account. However, there is a certain threshold for the same. Better processing with complete chargeback protection makes your business work faster.

What makes Merchant Account and Payment Gateway crucial?

Establishing a brand around the global audience gains a strong need for revenue generation. Therefore, a merchant account and payment gateway serve the purpose of account and payments. If you reach a global audience without any account or channel, then chances are your business remains constant.

Furthermore, a physical shop has a definitive time frame for business. However, the merchant account and the payment gateway open your business 24 x 7. Thus, you can earn money even when you are sleeping. That is the power of the digital marketplace. It makes payments quick, hassle-free, and online.

In addition, you can make a better brand image with the White-Label Solutions of the Payment Processing Channel.

What are White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions?

White-Label Payment Gateway is an additional benefit that payment service provider offers. It allows a merchant to customize the payment gateway putting the brand out to the world. A Merchant can change the brand name, image, font, font size, color, or even the UI according to the requirements.

It gives a unique touch to the payment gateway and offers a better payment experience to the consumer. The White Labelling of the payment gateway helps you personalize the payment gateway according to your requirements. eMerchantPro has some of the best solutions in the White-Label Payment Gateway.

Why Choose a High-Risk Payment Service Provider like eMerchantPro?

eMerchantPro has been in the high-risk payment solutions for quite some time now. Therefore, your business gets some dedicated payment processing solutions too. eCommerce is a special consideration to high-risk businesses. Furthermore, the digital payment picture is quite certain today.

Hence, offering your consumers a way to pay through online payment methods clears your business image. In addition, eMerchantPro has a dedicated solution for eCommerce businesses. It also gives:

1.     Complete Merchant Assistance

Setting up the merchant account and the integration of the payment requires support from the service provider. Hence, eMerchantPro offers complete merchant assistance to your business. You get a dedicated executive for yourself. Furthermore, you can share all the details for the merchant account and payment gateway.

2.     24 x 7 Technical Support

Last but not least is the 24 x 7 Technical Support from the service provider. We believe in constant support for you. Thus, the technical support lines are open 24 x 7. You can reach us with the query or the problem anytime, and we will resolve it. We understand that payment processing is not your strong forte. Thus, we provide all the payment processing solutions you need for your business.

The Final Thought

That brings us to a close. The eCommerce Payment Gateway and Merchant Account are the two most crucial parts of your business. If you want to accept online payments, then you require a payment processing solution. Getting into the digital marketplace requires an efficient solution to accept payments.

eMerchantPro is working to provide you with the exact services you require. Your business gets tonnes of features that add seamlessness and get additional support. You will be all ready to get into the online marketplace and reach a global platform.

Meeting the requirements of the Payment Experience comes when you get profound solutions. eMerchantPro offers a solution that works in complement to your services.


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