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Who needs a Credit Card Processing in USA?

As far as online merchants offering services or goods are concerned every merchant should have a credit card facility to accept payments. This can be very fruitful as major of the credit card holder prefers paying online with it.

Credit card integration is a must for getting customers from all around the world. Having a proficient processing service can bring huge profits.

Credit Card Processing in USA fees

Pricing charges for fees attached to credit card processing may differ from company to company. It has been observed that companies holding a good position in the market charge more than the newcomers.

The entire fee structure is decided by the type of business and the volume amount of monthly or annual transactions.

A small business that is capable of processing amounts less than or equal to $5000 per month is charged a flat rate for each transaction and doesn’t charge monthly or annual fees.

However, for businesses with monthly transactions above $5000 interchange charges along with monthly or annual fees are charged.

There are several other charges which merchants should know like Rolling Reserves, Merchant Discount Rates (MDR), Installation or set-up charges, Charges for Chargeback or refunds, etc.

Many of them are one-time fees that may be charged at the time of association looking into risks and services with your high-risk business.

For more information regarding fees, merchants can contact us as we provide payment services comprising the best solution to credit card processing.

How do I apply for a Credit Card Processing in USA?

Credit card processing in USA is provided by reliable payment service providers as we are. Merchants can easily approach us with their Application for payment services along with various important documents like

  1. Information about your website
  2. SSL certificate for your site
  3. Bank details and statement of last 3 months
  4. Document of Incorporation
  5. Company Tax document
  6. Owner personal ID, etc

Payment service providers while providing payment services to High-Risk Merchants are very careful. This is because of the more probable chances of financial loss associated with their business.

Documents along with applications should only focus on your strength to run a business. The best way to get your application prepared is to associate with us so that we can help you best prepare an application that cannot be denied by Acquirers or banks.

For further information regarding how to get payment services contact us.

Payment services are very essential for every merchant to digitally accept payments. Having good services can make great benefits. A reliable payment service provider is a must for excellent credit card processing. It favors merchant’s growth. Due to its wide usage customers find paying with credits cards as the familiar and dependable method. Partner with us to get the best credit card processing.


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